Ready To Get To Work?

The TVPA was founded in Madison County, Alabama in the Fall of 2015. Our first major effort was leading a campaign to raise the local minimum wage in Huntsville. The campaign, which was coordinated with similar local efforts in other Alabama cities, had momentum and national attention. We were headed to victory on the City Council. And then the AL state legislature and Governor Bentley rushed through a law banning local minimum wages. Alabama’s Republican leaders were determined to lock in poverty wages across the state.

We were not victorious in our minimum wage campaign. But we got a glimpse of what is possible through local grassroots progressive organizing and coalition building–even in Alabama. We believe this campaign laid the groundwork for bigger things ahead.

And then Donald Trump–an insecure bully, a fraud, and a fascist–was elected president. He’s a man who inspires foreign autocrats and the KKK. He calls for violence against political opponents and silencing of the news media. And now he’s the chief executive of the United States.

We don’t know about you, but we are ready to get to work. We are ready to fight back. We need to resist Trumpism and the ultra-right everywhere we can. The TVPA is organized right here in the middle of Trump country–North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. What better place to start? Whatever we accomplish here will inspire the resistance everywhere.

After the 2016 election, lots of local folks are newly energized and ready to get active and get involved. Are you one of them? Please get in touch with us. There is plenty to do.

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