Here are some specific things we are working on:

Move Our Money – We are pressing local governments to move municipal money out of big banks that defraud the public and subvert our politics and into local banks and credit unions. Learn more.

Payday lending – We are pushing back against predatory lending that robs the poor to feed the rich.

Police accountability – We are making sure that law enforcement works for the people, not against us.

Prison Reform – We are fighting to end the culture of mass incarceration and prison slavery.

Progressive Calendar – We are publicizing and supporting events by other progressive groups in our area. Check out the PROGRESSIVE CALENDAR

Raise The Wage – We are working to raise local and state minimum wages.

True South: A People’s Heritage – We are challenging neo-Confederate propaganda and historical revisionism and celebrating a very different heritage: Southerners who suffered under and resisted the slave system and its aftermath.

Workers’ rights – We are helping to build the local labor movement and standing with workers organizing for better pay and conditions on the job.